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Scarlett's Bio :


Scarlett Li Williams is a multi-hyphenate creator, and has been hired as a professional freelance graphic designer, commissioned artist,  science communicator and educator for several years working on multiple projects internationally whilst pursuing a career in scientific research. Whilst conducted both scientific and education academic research, she saw the importance of science communication and STEM education, and uses visual and creative mediums to aid in the understanding and accessibility of complex information within STEM. 

Scarlett has worked collaboratively in the art sector on several projects, including as a co-director and art lead in a series of SciArt videos for the Australian Centre of Astrobiology in 2022, and in multiple senior leadership roles. 

In addition to using art mediums to communicate STEM related topics, Scarlett has experience as a STEM educator, presenter, STEM mentor at local and internationally renowned organisations such as the National Space Centre (UK), Stemettes and the Australian Centre of Astrobiology. She has experiencing in giving over 150+ talks, presentations and workshops to date, including at the Australian Space Biology and Health Summit, The 

Future Space Powerhouse Museum Sydney, the National Space Centre, the University of New South Wales, the Australasian Wildlife Management Society Conference and many more.

As well as the creative and education industries, Scarlett has been commissioned by businesses in a wide range of industries related to STEM (including in the space, health and education sectors) to create content, branding and marketing materials. 

Scarlett has been nominated and received numerous prizes, scholarships, and recognitions whilst pursuing her career in research {molecular ecology/bioinformatics, and education). These include the UNSW Graduate Research School Development and Research Training Grant ,  Australian Space Awards Graduate of the Year Finalist in 2021, Evolution & Ecology Research Centre's Undergraduate Student Service Award 2019, Genetics Society of Australasia Student Conference Award 2019,  and the UNSW Faculty of Science Student Vacation Research Scholarship 2018.

Full CV available upon request

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